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Growing up there was a ton of wonderful children’s programs on TV that, even to this day, I still remember fondly. One such program is Reading Rainbow, starring LeVar Burton. Yes, he played Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation among other great roles. However, every week on the Public Broadcast Network he helped introduce children to new and exciting stories. Now on Kickstarter, you can donate money to help bring back this amazing program and I am totally excited about it!

Why do I want to see this amazing children’s show back? Because, it not only helped promote reading, but it made it exciting too! Reading Rainbow was one of the longest running children’s programs on TV. The series first ran in 1983, but was canceled in 2006. During that time, LeVar Burton was the only host for the show. It won several rewards including the Peabody Award and numerous Emmy awards, which just goes to show how much people loved this program.

The show’s premise is wonderful, yet simple for children: introduce a book, read the book, show clips centered on book, do a book review, and finally, suggest children find other related books at their local library. Simple, yet effective for getting children excited about reading. For today’s children, Reading Rainbow would like to reach them through the digital world by using apps, the web, and even game consoles. They would also like to reach children in the classroom and give teachers materials for free. They want to reach children in this modern time through today’s technology.

I know that in today’s world, books seem like a thing of the past. Maybe a physical book seems ancient, but reading is not. Despite the new technologies out there, such a Nooks, Kindles, etc, you still have to know how to read. Our children need tools to help them learn to read and tools that make reading fun. Children need encouragement to read, to research, and to use their imagination. This is what Reading Rainbow encouraged!

LeVar Burton is passionate about bringing Reading Rainbow back on the air and, for me, it shows how much he loves this show. Last time I checked there were already 83,093 backers and over three million dollars pledged. If you would like to make a donation click this link and help bring this unique program back to children everywhere!

Link to Donate:


Written By: Little Kristy


What To Buy This July!

The 4th of July is just around the corner! Can you believe how fast this year is going? Anyway, with 4th of July we think of the American flag, hotdogs, fireworks, and yard decorations.  It’s time to start planning on how you’ll decorate the house this year. I scoped out a few items I thought were worth purchasing and a few to stay away from.

What to Buy

4th of July Door Sign:


I’ve found that the best place to find adorable door signs that will last longer than one month is Hobby Lobby. I suggest if you haven’t purchased a door sign yet at Hobby Lobby, go now! Hobby Lobby runs out of holiday decorations faster than Wal-Mart runs out of cashiers. They have some really great religious 4th of July signs too. I love their wooden door signs that are really durable.

4th of July Plates and Napkins:

Best place to find inexpensive 4th of July serving ware, is the One Dollar Store. That’s right, that place you rarely shop at. I purchased a set of flag plates and napkins that cost me less than what I would have paid at Target or even Hobby Lobby. Especially since I’m only using them for one day, it just makes sense to spend less.


4th of July Flag Bunting:

This is one of my favorite 4th of July decorations. I think it just seems ultra-patriotic and so old fashioned. You can purchase Flag Bunting at any Party City store or online at the United States Flag Store. They are fairly inexpensive and come in paper or polyester. The online store, United States Flag Store, has several different kinds to choose from. I suggest that you purchase bunting that is very durable and can stand up to all kinds of weather. The bunting will look snazzy draped on a window ledge or front porch.


What Not To Buy

4th of July Plastic Ware from The One Dollar Store:

Plastic ware is cheap, but this is really cheap. The red colored plastic ware from the dollar store is certainly worth one dollar. Spend a little more money and purchase sturdy utensils elsewhere.

4th of July Balloon – Popsicle from Party City:

First of all it’s red, white, and teal so it doesn’t even have the correct flag colors and it’s a popsicle. What does a popsicle have to do with 4th of July? Waste of $3.99 to me; spend that on a package of hotdogs.

download (1)

There are hundreds of amazing 4th of July decorations to choose from. Just beware of the ultra-cheap decorations that  lure you with their price, but won’t last a week. For me, I’m a fan of choosing 4th of July decorations for the front porch; nothing says I’m an American like decorating the front porch!

Written By: Little Kristy

My Thoughts On Being A Chaplain’s Wife For The First Six Months


What have I learned about being a chaplain’s wife? Well, first and foremost, I’m still just trying to learn to be a wife. There is a ton to learn and so much I will continue to learn the longer we are married. Secondly, I’m still trying to learn my husband’s job, what he does on a day-to-day basis to minister to his unit. Thirdly, I’m trying to learn my place in the Army.

A little about me,  I love cats, video games, Star Wars, and writing. I used to be a fun lovin’ single gal about town (I exaggerate here). However, after being content that God had called me to remain single, I never believed I’d meet such an amazing guy, on eHarmony of all places! This may sound crazy, but I knew I would marry him after the second date! We married December 21, 2013 in a whirlwind marriage and honeymoon.

First, I am learning everyday what it takes to be a wife. I pray daily I will be a godly wife that has my Heavenly Father as the center of our family. That is the most important thing, God being the center of any family no matter how small. There is a lot to learn when it comes to being a wife, and I am learning it is not an easy job!

Secondly, the Army seems to me, to be a complicated system of codes and rules. I am slowly learning what the endless Army lingo means. I tell you, they don’t call a store a store, but a PX (Post Exchange), crazy! On a more serious note, I am learning what struggles my husband deals with on a daily basis. All the stresses he carries and all the burdens that he cannot always share, even to me. One thing I have learned, is my husband will do whatever it takes to get to know each individual person in that unit. This of course, keeps him busy and away from home sometimes.

Thirdly, and to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out my place as an Army chaplain’s wife. Despite the short time I have been married, I feel that my place is to support my husband, pray for my husband, and be that steady rock my husband needs no matter how many times the Army moves us. Just like I said in my wedding vows, wherever the Army takes you, I’m going too!

I believe this is true for any wife, no matter what profession your husband is in. It is important for each wife to be a support for their husband, to pray for their husband, and to be that steady rock of encouragement. I’ve got a lot to learn, but God has blessed me with a wonderful godly man to share in that adventure!

Written By: Little Kristy

So what’s in my Cleaning Closet? – The Swifter Duster Is Really Swifty.

So what’s in my Cleaning Closet? Yep, I jazzed up that title a little bit in the hopes of hooking you in.   If you’re still reading this, it worked!  This month I wanted to introduce you to the Swifter Duster. It’s a pretty basic device, just a plastic handle that holds the dust cloths.  Though it’s simple, it really helps save time and really works at keeping the dust down and off your stuff.

On the official Swifter Duster website they describe the dusting cloth as fluffy fibers. It’s a good description.  Though the cloth is not shaped like a traditional dust puff, it works better for dusting objects and in between objects. Since the handle is small and the dust cloth is flat you can really get between things and the “fluffy fibers” attract a ton of dust. The cloths are also coated in a dust lock adhesive which helps to pick up dust and keep it away. The adhesive will not harm your surfaces or leave streaks on glass.

swiffer kit (1 + 4 refills) with febreze (3)

It wasn’t that long ago and I was using the classic old t-shirt or sock to dust.  However, I noticed that it was harder to pick up the dust and the polish left streaks. You waste more polish by dusting this way than by using one Swifter Dust cloth. I kid you not, I can use one cloth to clean my entire house, which means I only go through four cloths a month. Though I am paying more than for just a regular can of polish, it takes me months to go through an entire box of dust cloths.

Swifter Dusters are also great for cleaning electronics. We are geeks here at our home and we have a ton of computers and video game consoles. The Swifter Duster helps to dust off the computer screen, the inside of the console, and dust off the computer tower without harming the electronics. The Duster also works great for TVs and glass tops.

One of my favorite things about the Swifter Duster cloths is that you can purchase them with a light scent, such as: Lavender, Vanilla, or Sweet Citrus. The Swifter Duster can be found online through the official website or your local Wal-Mart. The price ranges from about $4.47 and $8.47 for a starter kit depending on what kind of Swifter Duster you want. The $8.47 one has the duster with an extendable handle. The cloth refills can be between $7.97 and $11.47.

I’m not asking you to toss out your old dusting rags…save those for other cleaning jobs. However, as far as dusting is concerned, this really is a handy product that helps to cut down dusting time. It is a product that really works and will help keep dust off your collectables. A great find this month in my cleaning closet!

Written By: Little Kristy

Be Hard Core! Bake With Mt. Dew!

Want to impress your friends in the kitchen? Than bake with Mt. Dew! That’s right!  Nothing says hard core like baking apple dumplings using Mt. Dew! Pulling yet another great recipe from Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier, I tried out this recipe recently on our guests. The recipe is simple, inexpensive, and easy to create. It also makes me look cool.

What You Will Need:

Granny Smith Apples — 2

Crescent Rolls – 2  8 oz. cans

Butter – 2 sticks

Sugar – 1 ½ cups

Vanilla – 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon – To sprinkle on top. Add as much as you like.

Mountain Dew Soda – 12 oz.

As you can see, this recipe requires very little as far as ingredients. What other people and I noticed is that the apple dumplings bake for longer than 40 min. I believe I baked mine for about 50 min, so I recommend you keep an eye on these while they bake.  You can find the full recipe over on the Pioneer Woman website or in her book. Also, this recipe makes a lot of apple dumplings!

Though not by any means fat free, these apple dumplings are delicious and unique. If you want a quick and fun dessert I recommend you give them a try!

Cooking Level:  Easy

Taste:  8 Stars

Link to Recipe:

Written By: Little Kristy

Photos By: © 2014 Little Kristy