I Love Safeway. Maybe, Too Much


k14570256I am a huge fan of Safeway. Some of you may not have a Safeway…I am so sorry. This month, my husband set up a budget for our family and we are trying our hardest to stick with it. One area I would like to improve on is the grocery shopping budget. I have been looking up coupons and sticking to a list.  It’s not easy, but I’ve noticed a difference. Safeway has made it easier for me to save money.  If you shop at a Safeway, you need to be taking advantage of all the offers they provide for their customers.

Do you have a Safeway Club Card? If you don’t, you need to get one! Signing up for a club card is easy and free. You can register at the store or fill out the application online and take it to your local Safeway. When you sign up for the club card you receive the following benefits:

  • Just for club member’s sales.
  • Gas points that can be used in any participating gas stations.
  • All weekly sales are automatically downloaded on your card.
  • Exclusive coupons just for you on the products you purchase.

I’ve been a Safeway Club Card member for many moons now. I have saved on gasoline, vegetables, and meat. Wal-Mart, as often as I shop there, has low quality vegetables and meat. Only in extreme emergency will I purchase meat there. I’m also not always a fan of their dairy or bread. If I’m going to spend money on these products I at least expect them to be fresh. Safeway stores have a good reputation for making sure that they stock only the freshest vegetables and meat. There are also monthly sales on these much needed items.

My favorite thing about Safeway, other than they also have a Starbucks located in their stores, is the ability to simple download the coupons on my card. The weekly sales are already automatically downloaded, however, if you go online and sign up you can add even more savings. They keep track on what you purchase and will often offer extra savings to these products. You simply go online and click the coupon to be added to your card. It’s easy and means fewer coupons to clip.

For those of you that do not have a Safeway, I have also shopped at both Dillons and HyVee. Both stores are very similar to Safeway and offer deals to their local customers. They also tend to carry better quality meat and vegetables as well. Take my advice and go online to these stores. Sign up for all the deals you can and you could save yourself a bundle at the grocery store.

Written By: Little Kristy