You Better Get To The Grocery Store!

If you haven’t purchased the items you need for your Thanksgiving meal, you better get to the grocery store! Here are a few items you may want to pick up for the snacks after the big meal.

© 2014 Little Kristy
© 2014 Little Kristy

1.  Sausage:

  • I purchased 1lb of Old Fashioned Sausage from Stewart’s Meats yesterday. Located in Yelm, Washington this is an old fashioned butcher shop.
  • Sausage makes a great snack for “in-between” the big meal.

2. Ritz Crackers:

  • You will need these crackers to hold your slice of delicious sausage.

3. Cheese Tray:

  • I found a small tray of 28 slices of cheese with four different varieties at my local Safeway. You might want to rest your delicious slice of sausage on top of a slice of cheese.

4. Cheez Whiz:

  • It’s the holidays. This is my treat to myself.

5. Beef Jerky:

  • If you can splurge, purchase some nice quality jerky to snack on. I purchased elk and buffalo jerky from Stewart’s Meats.

6. Veggies:

  • Because you have to balance the not so good snacks with the healthy snacks. Also, you never know if you have a vegetarian among you.
  • I find that it’s cheaper to purchase a small bag of baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers rather then purchasing a tray of veggies.
  • To go along with the veggies purchase some ranch dressing or vegetable cream cheese dip.

7. Ingredients To My Homemade Apple Cider:


What other items would you purchase for your special Thanksgiving snacks?

Written By: Little Kristy